How To Write a Better Email

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You’ve probably heard the saying “Communication Is Key” and guess what…it is!  Good communication is key to any great relationship as well as leadership and business success.  In this two-part series, I will cover how to effectively communicate via email and phone.

Here are four quick tips to help you write a better email:

  1. Be Concise – Avoid several paragraphs and too many sentences. Many people, especially those in leadership roles don’t have time to read a long email.  They need you to get to the point so know what you are asking, requesting or confirming and be done.
  2. Be Clear – When providing information in e-mail, be sure to include answers to questions that may be important: who, what, when and where. Be straight forward with your request or question. This helps avoid constant (and annoying!) back and forth communication.  The less emails, the better…right?
  3. Check Your Content – I have caught myself being off with a number in typing a date and/or time, misspelled a name, etc.  Write your e-mail and then do a quick read through before hitting the send button to catch your own mistakes before someone else does.
  4. Signature Line – Don’t overdo it on your signature line; keep it to four to seven lines, at the very max. Include your name, title, company name, website link, phone numbers and maybe one or two of your social media handles.  Too much on a signature line is hard on the eyes and too busy.

Most importantly, be professional! Check out these great email etiquette tips!

Happy e-mail writing!

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