You Are Thinking Too Hard

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Seen or played with a rock tumbler? You put a rock in, with some grit, and the machine tumbles it around and around. The tumbled-stonesabrasive material and the tumbling polishes the rock into a shiny, pretty gem. It creates tiny scratches on the rocks – wearing it down until smooth. During the process, you have to stop and examine the rock to see how much longer it needs to tumble. If you don’t stop to check on the progress you could leave it tumbling for way too long – it will continue to chip away at the rock until there’s not much left.  This happens to the ideas in our heads too when we are thinking too hard.

We think long and hard about an idea or concept, how to change, how to say something, what do with an issue, a concern we have. There are burning questions that need to be answered yet we can’t seem to polish it just right. We just keep churning them ‘round and ‘round in our heads. Funny enough, grit – used as the polishing material in a tumbler– is also the positive personality trait that shows we have perseverance and passion for long-term goals.

Check your rock!

Take out your ideas, concepts, issues, concerns and share them. Discuss them out loud and don’t let the fear of judgement stop you! Sharing with others builds confidence while you construct the path forward. As you organize your thoughts in conversation, you will realize how much you have already figured out. Don’t let all of the noise being tossed around inside your head chip-away at your objective.

Are you a Soloprenuer (check out #2) and need to reach out to someone? We will listen, give us a shout…we’d love to partner with you. Stop thinking too hard!

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