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You are clicking away at the keyboard, opening this webpage and that to view resources and it suddenly comes to a screeching halt. Your browser freezes, the pointer is in an endless spin and there’s nothing you can do but scream “Really?!?!” as you are now laser focused on this huge issue.

Does that happen to your day like it does mine? An email, person, or phone call can send you into a tail spin for the rest of the day. Your energy level, attitude, and mojo is sapped and your productivity is paralyzed by this one event.

In our browsers we can hit the “X” in the URL bar to stop the tail spin then the refresh button to reload the page and you are up and running again. We have the ability to reset our day too!

Here’s how to hit the refresh button on your day:

  1. Shake It OffTaylor Swift has a great point! Walk away from your desk, get a drink (not that kind yet!) of coffee or water and take a few, good deep breaths. Halt the tail spin by changing your scenery and perspective before you react emotionally to the issue.
  1. Choose your response – Yes, choose it. Don’t allow the situation to dictate it for you. A clear-headed, well-thought RESPONSE will always be better than a quick, knee-jerk So understand the elements that you cannot control and decide what you will do about the ones you can, then…
  1. Move on – Pick up where you left off with your priorities. After you have dealt with what you can, continue on with your day. No dwelling, no re-thinking, no moping, and definitely no whining! There are other, more productive activities that require your attention and focus.

It’s really a simple process that will save you from hours of agony and a migraine headache! If someone or something gets you off track with what you have set out to accomplish today, stop and get back on, otherwise you’ve given them the conductor’s seat to keep you derailed.

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