Interview: Organize and Delegate Like a Pro

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Unless you’ve got it all worked out and you and your desk look immaculate, you could benefit from listening to this recorded session!Sasha Crabtrey Sasha participated in an Expert Series Interview lead by Barbara Stewart of Accelus Partners, where she shares tips and techniques that she uses in her day-to-day work organizing, managing and getting things done for her clients.

Sasha founded Assistance Magnifique in February of 2006 and rebranded to Remote COO in 2014, yet her experience goes back many more years. In fact, Sasha works in one of her natural strengths, doing something she loves. Learn how to organize your work and personal life, something that does not come naturally for most of us, from someone who does it in her sleep. You will leave the session with tips, techniques and ideas to make the year ahead your most productive year ever!

Sasha’s experience includes: managing the lives of several clients in various industries, keeping multiple sets of accounting books, defining processes to increase efficiency, taking boxes and piles of chaos to organized bliss and deep breathing.

The interview addressed the following topics:

  1. My life/work/desk is a disaster. Where/how do I get started?
  2. What systems do you use to organize an office?
  3. How can I maintain organization once I have it?
  4. I can’t do everything. How do I decide what to keep and how do I handle the other things?
  5. With all the people you work with, what would you say distinguishes those who get things done?

Join us for 30 minutes of discussion followed by an open Question and Answer session. Listen here to Organize and Delegate Like a Pro:


Sept 2013 headshot (1024x1280)About Accelus Partners:

At Accelus Partners, owner and founder Barbara Stewart, PCC, CFP®, and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach utilizes her 20-plus years’ of experience as a financial advisor to bring a deep understanding of the business and personal side of running a successful advisory practice. She knows from first-hand experience as a financial advisor and as a coach to financial advisors that “becoming greater” is something the best and brightest consistently seek to achieve.

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