Did you really just hit the send button? Email etiquette 101.

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Good-Bad-EmailMost of us have been exposed to an inappropriate or unprofessional email at some point in time. It is amazing how people fail to remember that once you press the send button, it’s too late, and email is forever. 

Here are five quick tips to help keep you out of email trouble.

1.       Don’t send short emails: Responding to emails with “OK” or “Got it” is just inconsiderate. This may be acceptable between friends, but not in business relationships.  This gives the impression that the receiver is unimportant and truthfully contains no useful information.

2.       Avoid emotions: Pay close attention here!  Never respond to an email while you are angry…Never! Try waiting several hours, if you even feel you need to respond.  Additionally, email is never the place to handle serious issues or disciplinary actions.

3.       Listen to your instinct: If you have ever typed up an email and then thought “I’m not sure it is a good idea to send this message.”  I suggest you stop that second and hit “DELETE”! Do not forward jokes, conspiracy theories, or your political opinions. A crappy email to a boss or client could prove to be non-habit forming.

4.       Reply All: Make sure before you just hit the “Reply All” button that everyone in the email string needs to see the information you are sending back.  Nothing is more irritating than someone clogging the inbox with useless information.

5.       Keep it simple and to the point: Believe it or not, studies show that one of the most annoying types of emails in the workplace, is emails that are too long.  Your email should be organized. It should clearly state your point and identify your call to action.  Also, feel free to proofread and spell check!!!



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