Did You Schedule Time For Yourself Today?

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Often times our minds are filled with busyness such as, what calls do I need to make today, what meetings do I need to schedule or be at, what deadlines must be met today, what emails do I need to send and reply to…and that’s just the business side of you.  Add to that your personal to do’s and we are asking why there aren’t more hours in the day.  How about adding this to your next to-do list:  take time for me.  I learned early on that it is essential to make time for ourselves each day.  Making time for you is a must and here’s why.

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Refresh and Energize – You simply cannot give your best to your work or loved ones when you are burnt out! You are maxed out and you need time for you to find peace and clarity to refresh and energize.  You will work better, help better and respond better when your mind has had some room to come down for a break.

Then there’s the famous question “how am I supposed to find time for me when I can’t find time to get everything else on my plate done?”  Here’ your answer:  schedule it and don’t skip it.  I know that it’s an overly simple solution but for many this will be a learning process.  Think of it as having the same priority level that everything else has that day.  Don’t bump time for yourself into another hour or day because who are you kidding, it will never happen.  You don’t have to start out with a big chunk of time.  Perhaps you start with 10-15 minutes then work your way up to a time that is comfortable for you and works with your schedule.

Ideas for taking time to yourself:

  • Take a short walk
  • Sit outside while listening to calming music and close your eyes
  • Use a cooling eye mask
  • Make a note of three things that you are grateful for

Notice I don’t suggest checking your email, social media or texting a friend.  Detach from all of that, breathe and relax.

So…what does your day look like today?  Don’t wait until you are already burnt out before scheduling a date with yourself.  Do yourself a favor, give your mind a break and take some time to re-energize.  You are worth it!

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