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To say that we are lucky to have Stacy Schott as part of our team as Chief Accounting Officer is an understatement. Stacy excels in what she does.  She is detail oriented and specializes in customizing accounting systems to meet each of our clients needs.  We interviewed Stacy to learn a bit more about her.  Like us, you may be in awe at where she has previously lived.  Keep reading to find this out as well as what piece of business advice she gives us.Accounting

Stacy has been with Remote COO since September 2013.  She particularly enjoys bank reconciliations and helping clients have accurate financial reports to create budgets and budget variance reporting.  Not only is Stacy a rock star in her role with Remote COO but she is also the owner and operator of Triple S Bookkeeping Services which has been in business since 2010.  And if you are not impressed yet, she is a certified Quick Books Pro Advisor.

Stacy currently resides in Bakersfield, CA.  You might be surprised to know that Stacy lived in Dubai, UAE for a year and Tripoli, Libya for 4 years! Wow!  Although she lives in CA., she previously resided in Houston, TX.  One of her favorite restaurants in Houston is Pappasito’s off I-10.  She loves the food and amazing atmosphere.  We can’t leave out one important detail about her favorite restaurant – she met her husband Charles there on a blind date!

When Stacy is not busy handling her client’s financial records, she enjoys antique shopping, is interested in anything interior design and spends time with her husband Charles and two beautiful children, Zachary and Chelsea.

With all the knowledge Stacy holds in the accounting world, we had to ask what business tip she can offer our readers.  She says “never hire a CPA to do bookkeeping.  A bookkeeper can do the same job at a fraction of the cost.”  Do you need account reconciliation, end of year tax preparation, help with payroll and reporting, 1099 filings and more?  If so, call or email us.

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